Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm. Michael Karpovage, author of the new mystery thriller Crown of Serpents, will make a guest appearance open to the public at E. W. Hightower Lodge # 679 F & AM, Nelson, GA. The novel, described as National Treasure meets The Lost Symbol, is a present day murder mystery set in upstate New York involving a hunt for an ancient Iroquois Indian artifact based a clues from the American Revolutionary War. Michael will discuss his extensive research behind the infamous battlefield incident between Freemasons that serves as the backstory to his book. Brother Karpovage has chosen E. W. Hightower Lodge #679 for his first appearance and book signing in the metro Atlanta area. Books will be available for purchase. The Lodge is proud to welcome Michael and the general public to this Masonic event. This is a regular meeting for the Lodge but will be open to the public at 7:30 pm for Michael’s discussion. E. W. Hightower Lodge #679 is located at 111 Dogwood Dr., Nelson, GA (the same building as the Post Office).

May 2010, time and date TBD. Michael is scheduled to appear in Ovid, NY for a book signing and speaking engagement about his novel and the research he conducted. Sponsored by the Romulus Historical Society.


From Doug George-Kanentiio, editor, columnist and author from the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation:
“Crown of Serpents is a compelling novel deeply rooted in the history of the Six Nations Iroquois. It takes place in contemporary times with fully developed characters and a powerful narrative; its author is well versed in the complexity of modern Iroquois life. Far more than a simple mystery the book follows the path of Tony Hillerman’s Navajo based novels by providing the reader with remarkable insights into the culture and traditions of the most influential Native nation east of the Mississippi.”

From Dennis Money, Chairman, Seneca White Deer, Inc., Canandaigua, NY
“Karpovage crafts a story rich in intrigue, history, folklore, and the mystery of the white deer. His myriad of subplots and personalities keeps the reader entranced and on edge, begging for more.”


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