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Hey friends! Let me know what you think of Crown of Serpents and any comments or questions you have. Or just stop by and say hello!


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  1. I just finished the book,it was great!!!. In fact had to re-read the last 5 chapters ,because then went so fast. I also was also at the Depot for 4 years as a Major during those early 1990 ‘s when things started to change,Da/DoD/ and of course BRAC. Still very proud to have finished my military career ,here in Senca county and the Depot.

    Major PVR
    USA Ret.

    I cant believe they blew up my Airfield control tower.

    • Major R, that is funny about the control tower. That arsonist is a real bastard isn’t he? I’m excited you liked it – especially being in the Army and having served there at the Seneca Army Depot yourself. Took me six months to get clearance for a personal tour with the county industrial agency when I was conducting my book research. It was incredible when the Chief of Security took me all around – especially inside the Q-Area. I hope I was accurate in “some” of my descriptions of the Depot. But other areas I’m sure you saw how I took a little creative license! I don’t want to give any spoilers away for the readers, but it sure was fun to add to the Depot’s infrastructure – if you will. And those six Indian motorcycles WAS a story I had heard from a good source. I’m sure you have lots of your own.

      Thanks for the great review and please spread the word to more of your military friends!


  2. I was very proud ,of ” my airfield ” for 4 years. I flew helicopters there for my last few years in the Army. In fact ,for the Army and state/county Dec,,counted the white/brown deer by air. Looking mostly for the white deer for herd management. You have probaly seen more of the inside of things ,then me, but i knew every inch from the air. I am going over to my local library tonight ,to visit an old guy from the depot,,and also see if the seneca falls library has the book. If not I will donate mind and get another.

    Till later

    Major R

  3. I just finished the book last night. It definintely kept me on the edge of my seat. I grew up in Kendaia when it had a population of less than 50, and learning some history of it was totally facinating. Who would ever have thought someone could write a story making it all so exciting. Now I’m going to do more research and learn even more about it.

    • Faith, I’m thrilled you liked the book! What fascinated me too about Kendaia’s history was the Indian captive Luke Swetland and what he wrote in his later memoirs when he was held prisoner there in 1778-79 before being repatriated by Sullivan’s troops. Swetland found a cave that he took refuge in close by to the Indian Village of Kendaia and I would have loved to have rediscovered that same cave. A local source for the book told me they knew where one was and I searched Kendaia Creek myself on the west side of Route 96A but never did find it. I would suggest asking your local library to find the book “Luke Swetland’s Captivity and Rescue from the Indians
      by Edward Merrifield.”

      Thanks so much and please tell everyone you can about this novel! As a new author it’s tough to compete with the big Dan Brown’s who top the charts.

  4. Just finished a white deer tour at the Depot and was thrilled to find a copy of your book there. I am still in the process of reading it but I just have to ask you if there really was a White Deer Society and how could one find out more about it? This is a great book in League with Dan Brown’s novels!

  5. Thanks for the compliment Carol! As far as the White Deer Society cult I will reply back to you via private email. I don’t want to give anything away on this forum.

  6. Hey, the book looks great, I’ll pick up a copy. I’m glad you found some good info on Sullivan’s campaign on my site. I never really organized it like I meant to. Did he find the treasure on the nose of Bald hill? Did you use the sacred altar by the crossed oaks on the shore of Hemlock lake? Did you tell Boyd’s story? Second thought, don’t spoil it for me 🙂

  7. Hi James, no treasure on Bald hill but I’ll give you a hint — it’s closer to Conesus Lake. And that’s only one part of the treasure. There are several clues which need piecing together in order to find the main relic of the Crown of Serpents. I did tell the Boyd ambush story. In fact, you’ll love the opening prologue as it takes you back to that scene in 1779. Have fun and enjoy!!! Let me know what you think when you’re done. And tell all your friends too!

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