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Dressed in a snazzy tux at the NASCAR banquet in NYC in Dec. 2008.

Crown of Serpents author Michael Karpovage was born and raised in western New York. He is a graduate of Fairport High School and holds a bachelors of fine arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Flashpoint Quebec, a military techno-thriller, was his first novel published in 2003. Michael started writing Crown of Serpents in July 2004 after wondering if in fact Seneca and Cayuga Lakes were really connected by a subterranean river and cavern system as local legend has speculated. In researching the novel he visited multiple locations throughout New York State, meeting and interviewing people from all walks of life and occupations. Some of his research site photographs are available on this site.

Michael has a strong design and marketing background having served as an award-winning art director/designer in academia, tourism, corporate, and ad agency roles in Atlanta, GA, Rochester, NY, and Ithaca, NY for the last twenty years. He now runs his freelance design business called Karpovage Creative. He also works as a “virtual” independent contractor for illustrating 3D birds-eye-view maps.

Michael was a volunteer firefighter with advanced training and NPQ national certification. He served for five years in three departments: Walton County FD in Georgia, St. Paul Blvd. FD in West Irondequoit, NY and the Waterloo FD in Waterloo, NY (Seneca County).  At Waterloo he was Incident Safety Officer, served on the Board of Directors, and was awarded the highest honor of Firefighter of the Year in 2003 for a rescue attempt.

Michael is a Free & Accepted Mason with Hobasco Lodge No. 716 out of Ithaca, NY where he served as Junior/Senior Deacon and Junior Warden. He also is an avid reader, a military history enthusiast, plays racquetball and ball hockey, and is a Buffalo Sabres fan. He now lives in Atlanta, GA.


Michael Karpovage

phone: 678.642.0196


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